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How It Works

Our attention to detail, friendly staff and quick turn around time sets us apart from other studios. We have over 400 items of unfinished pieces of pottery to choose from, over 80 paint colors, and knowledgeable staff who are eager to help as much or as little as needed.

Our passion for pottery does not stop when you finish painting. We continue to work on your item for 4 days by dipping it in a clear glaze to give it a cohesive sheen then firing it to bring your vision to life!

Step 1

Select Your Piece of Pottery

Upon arrival at Glazed & Amused, customers browse a wide selection of pre-made, bisque-fired ceramic pieces, such as plates, mugs, vases, or figurines. They choose the items they would like to personalize and bring them to their workspace.

Step 2

You Paint and Decorate It

Using a variety of brushes, glazes, and decorative elements provided by the studio, customers paint and embellish their chosen ceramic pieces according to their creative vision. They can experiment with different colors, patterns, and techniques to create a unique design.

Step 3

We Fire It in The Kiln

Once customers have finished painting their ceramics, the studio staff carefully place the painted pieces into a kiln to be fired. This process involves heating the ceramics at high temperatures, which fuses the glaze to the pottery and creates a durable, glossy finish.

Step 4

You Stop Back & Pick It Up

After the ceramics have been fired, they need time to cool down. Customers’ pick-up date is 4 days after painting. Customers then return to the studio to collect their finished, one-of-a-kind ceramic artwork, ready for use, gift or display.